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Top Quality BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C New Generaton of ICOM A2

by BMW ICOM ICOM A2  SKU: fivebt0015
Price: $369.00  $299.99
Save: 19% off
History: 43 sold
  • fivebt0015
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  • 2.6 KG
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    Product Description
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    Top reasons to get BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C

    • Can Replace BMW ICOM A2, including all function of ICOM A2.
    • ICOM NEXT can works together with ICOM Software we provided.
    • ICOM NEXT can connect internet and Printer.

    Noted:BMW ICOM NEXT not support WIFI.

    Improved Functionality and Performance:

    • 1. Gbit workshop LAN,backwards compatible
    • 2. Preparation for Gbit LAN on vehicle OBD(cars do not yet supportthis and interface not yet defined,ICOM Next hardware adaptation will be necessary for future Gbit car interface,will cause adaptation costs)
    • 3. Faster start-up times and high throughput
    • 4. Through high-performance,low-power ARM SoC
    • 5. Improved handling
    • 6. More flexible OBD cable
    • 7. Lighted button for logs etc

    YOU have to know before you buy ICOM A2 or ICOM A3 or ICOM Next:

    BMW ICOM NEXT vs the old ICOM
    -> much faster in BMW F and G series ..
    -> supports gigabit Ethernet too to be future proof, there currently is not gigabit Ethernet protocol defined yet for autos. Also it has USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 and a better wifi card. 
    -> more stable during programming
    -> be necessary for the future Gbit cars
    -> faster start-up times and high throughput
    -> through high-performance,low-power ARM SoC
    -> improved handling
    -> more flexible OBD cable
    -> lighted button for logs
    ICOM A vs ICOM A2 vs ICOM A3
    Modified ICOM A2 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity. And robust aluminium case
    will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments. It works better in cooling, runs faster and works more stable, not easier broken than older ICOM A.

    ICOM A3 can program all units for all BMW series expect media system, and work more stable and has stronger compatibility than ICOM A2, A1.
    ICOM NEXT A+B+C Diadnostic Head Overview
    Functionally compatible to ICOM A2
    Mechanical design similar ICOM A2
    Backwards compatible to car adapters (ICOM B, C) and motorcycle adapters (ICOM D, E)

    ICOM NEXT ABC Specifications:

    Zeroization of data on tamper detection
    Secure supply chain assurance
    Key storage using physically un-clonable function
    CRI Pass-Through DPA Patent Portfolio
    Advanced cryptographic Services

    Package including:

    1pc x  BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C
    1pc x  BMW ICOM B Most 
    1pc x  BMW 20pin Cable
    1pc x  USB Cable
    1pc x  LAN Cable
    1pc x  OBD Cable





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