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Best Quality V2016.05 MB Star C3 for Benz Truck and Car with HDD

by Mercedes Star Diagnosis  SKU: fivebt0003
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    Product Description

    New Star C3 is a professional and good diagnostic tool specially for Mercedes Benz cars.Star C3 can do Benz trucks and new types of Mercedes cars.
    Newest version: 2016.05
    Super quality, Big aluminum box for package, easy to take at hand.
    Best Quality V2016.05 Star C3 Pro for Benz Truck and Car (HDD included)

    Kindly Note:

    1.Language: English ; Croatian; Czech; Danish; Dutch; Finish; French; German; Greek; Hungarian;Italian; Japanese; Korean; Polish;
                            Portuguese; Romanian;Russian; Spanish; Swedish; Turkish & Chinese 
    2.Xentry Registration
    A.Registration Time:  When you register the Xentry, you need to adjust your computer time to the same day.(This is for old version software before 2013.03)
    B. DON'T change the file ""  to be Read-Only

    HDD Usage Tips:
    1. If you use external HDD, please make sure you close your anti-virus software when running the software, otherwise software will be broken
    2. If you are using internal HDD like DELL D630 HDD, please do not install new software on our hard disk, also please do not change our software, in case software is damaged.
    3. If you set up the password for our software, please do remember the password.
    4.please do not install other programs on the HDD otherwise it may break the C3 program.

    MB Star C3 Software Version:

    (need activation before use, one time free activation)
    DELL D630 HDD: 2016.05
    External HDD: 2016.05

    MB Star C3 Software Functions:
    1.1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;
    2. All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
    3. Reading trouble code 
    4. Erasing trouble code 
    5. Live-data 
    6. Adaptation 
    7. Component testing 
    8. Maintenance 
    9. Information consultation 
    10. Component location diagram 
    11. Wiring diagram
     MB Star C3 Description:

    XP-STAR (Auto-Link Blue STAR) realizes all the functions of official factory BENZ Star2000: reading out and erasing trouble code; reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator; coding and programming. It applies the latest high-tech central gateway system of car model 221/211 and 203, can enter all the Benz cars, such as autobus truck, saloon car, sports car, smart car and so on.

    1. This version of MB STAR C3 can fit all computers, it is not only limited on IBM T30, provide great convenience to customers. It has one hard disk contain DAS and WIS system.
    2. With a 7 meter RS232-RS485 cable, provide more convenience to garage when diagnose.
    3. Every hard disk has its special number, have self-test function. Just give us the self-test report and the number, we will find out what's the matter with this tool, avoid the shipping charge when this tool need fix. Great improvement!

    MB Star C3 Supported Vehicle List:
    Passenger Car Support List:
    A(176),  A(169),  A(168),  B(246),  B(245),  CLC(117),  C(204)  C(203),  C(202),  190(201),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),  S(220),  S(140),  S(126),  
    E(207),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),  CL(215),  CL(140)  SLK(172),  SLK(171),  SLK(170),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),  SLS(197),  
    M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(463),  G(461),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),S(220),  S(140),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),  
    CL(215),  CL(140),  SLK(172),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),SLS(197),  M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(460),  GL(164),  GLK(204),  R(251)
    Van Support List:
    MB 100(631),  T1,  SprinterIII,  SprinterII,  SprinterI,  Sprinter900,  Citan,  Vito(639),  Vito(638), V(638),   Viano(639),  T2,  Vario,  Vaneo(414)
    Truck Support List:
    Actros963/4,  Actros2,3,  AtegoIII,  AtegoII,  AxorII,  Eonic,  Zetros,  Actros,  Atego Light,  Atego Heavey,  HPN M96,  Atron,  HPN M2000,  SKL,  FSK,  Further model series
    Unimog Support List:
    U20,  UGN,  UHN
    Bus Support List:
    TRAVEGO,  INTOURO,  INTEGRO,  CITARO,  CAPACITY,  CITO,  TOURISMO,  O350/O403, CONECTO,  O404,  O405-O408,  Minibus,  OC500,  TOURO,  TOURINO,  MBC,  MULITEGO,  O500,  O500/OH,  OH,  OH368,  OF,  OF384,  LO,  O400,  FURTHER MODEL SERIES
    Super Sports Car Support List:
    MB STAR C3 Testable System:
    V2016.05 MB STAR C3 Software Includes: 
    1. D-A-S / Xentry 2016.05 : the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System ,Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing
    2. W-I-S net 2016.05: Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car,component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.
    3. : Electronic Parts Catalog
    4. ST Finder 2008:Part location finder
    5.  STARUTILITIES : the movement management system and self-test
    6, SDMEDIA 2014
    7, PL69

    MB Star C3/C4 VS MB SD Connect Compact C4 VS Super MB Star C3:

    Item NO. SP45-C SP45-F SP117 SP06 SP100-D SP45-B
    Product Ordinary Star C3 Red Star C3 Best MB Star C3 MB Star C4 MB SD C4 Super MB Star C3
    Original NO NO NO NO NO Original HDD
    Update Update via HDD Update via HDD Update via HDD Update via HDD Update via HDD Update Online
    One Year for Free
    Hard Disk External HDD,
    Dell D630 HDD
    External HDD,
    Dell D630 HDD
    External HDD,
    Dell D630 HDD
    External HDD,
    Dell D630 HDD
    External HDD,
    Dell D630 HDD
    External HDD,
    Dell D630 HDD
    12V Cars Only Cars & Trucks Cars & Trucks Cars & Trucks Cars & Trucks Cars & Trucks
    Connection Cable Connection Cable Connection Cable Connection Cable Connection Lan Cable and
    Wireless Connection
    Cable Connection
    Protocols K-Line, CAN Bus K-Line, CAN Bus K-Line, CAN Bus K-Line, CAN Bus K-Line, CAN Bus,
    K-Line, CAN Bus
    The mainboard showed as follows:

    Package Including:

    1 x 16pinOBD II cable
    1 x 4pin cable
    1 x 38 pin cable
    1 x 14pin track cable
    1 x RS232 to RS485 Cable
    1 x new HDD
    1 x USB to RS232 Convert Connector





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